Cyprys Location Recording



Post-production in the form of editing is available and usually necessary. The "raw" tracks are not what most clients have in mind as a finished product. The question of how much editing time your project will require depends on a number of factors. Splicing, audio processing and removing unwanted environmental noises all take time. If care is taken during the sessions to maintain strict tuning and tempo among multiple takes of the same material then editing goes smoothly and takes less time. Generally speaking, it's wise to expect a one hour (final duration) project to take at least ten hours to edit. Naturally, every case is different; speak to Stan about your needs and he can give you a clearer idea about what to expect and budget.

Rates for both recording and editing vary according to the complexity of the project. Basic set-up and break-down are included. Travel time and expense to farther locations may necessitate compensation.

All-inclusive project pricing is usually the most popular choice. Please contact Stan for further information.